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Garlic Seeds

These garlic seeds have a great, strong flavour, mature extremely quickly, and will undoubtedly be the first kind you harvest. The powerful garlic flavour and moderate heat are perfectly balanced so that the nose won't be burned. 


On average, each bulb produces 11 tiny to medium cloves. Given that they only have a two to four-month shelf life, you should eat these right away. When irrigation is available, turban-type garlic cultivars thrive in the Southwest and are quite cold-hardy.


We are committed to offering Garlic Seed for Sale Ontario of the highest calibre. The provided garlic is grown, processed, and dried at our vendors' facilities under the most favourable and sanitary conditions. 


It is typically used to prepare both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, and it can also be used to treat a number of illnesses. To verify its quality and freshness, this seed is additionally tested against a number of quality criteria. Additionally, you can purchase these incredible garlic seeds from us for a discount.

Garlic Seed

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