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Purple Duganski Premium Garlic

Duganski Hardneck Garlic is Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. A clove of stunningly beautiful garlic with large bulbs and an amazing flavour that matches its looks and size. The violet-tinged cloves remain protected by purple outer wrappers, which also provide a nice aftertaste when they burst with an intense flavor. Our strain is virus-free, which results in much bulkier, larger heads.


This well-cultivated cultivar, originally from Uzbekistan, is renowned for its flavour! The strong, fiery flavour of the cloves diminishes as it remains on your taste senses. Excellent for spicy foods and fire cider.


Duganski Hardneck Garlic is known for its earthy, traditional garlic flavour that is excellent in soups and sauces. It is prized by food lovers. It operates well in both cooler and warmer regions and stores very well. 

However, Duganski Hardneck Garlic can thrive in a majority of temperatures. We are constantly surprised by our crops because storage life lasts till the next spring. Bulbs yield 6 to 12 purple-striped cloves with a white paper lining throughout the season.

Purple Duganski Premium Garlic

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